Emergency Maintenance: Backlink switch down Samrand Data Centre

Resolved Date: 11 Nov 2021 07:55 SAST
Notice ID: #9828
Start: 11 Nov 2021 06:00 SAST
Issue: A backlink switch consists of three member switches; two routing engines (primary and backup) and one line-card. The primary routing engine of the affected backlink switch appears to have crashed and mastership was taken over by the backup routing engine. At this time two of the three switches should have been operational but it appears that the failed switch did not release full mastership until the switch was power-cycled. Once the failed switch was out of the virtual chassis while being power-cycled, the backup routing engine started to function correctly as the primary routing engine and the two switches operated correctly. When the failed switch was back online it started participating correctly in the virtual chassis. We are still investigating the root cause.
Attending: Xneelo engineers


One of the backlink switches are down, servers will not be able to communicate to each other on the backlink. The uplink for the servers are still up.