Network Notices

xneelo network unreachable - Samrand data centre

Resolved Date: 03 Dec 2019 13:00 SAST
Notice ID: #4815
Start: 03 Dec 2019 12:15 SAST
Maintenance Window: 1 hour
Issue: Electrical Failure
Attending: xneelo Engineers
Additional Information: The following rows in our Samrand data center are affected: row-access-switch1-row13-14.jnb1 row-access-switch2-row13-14.jnb1 row-access-switch1-row15-16.jnb1 row-access-switch2-row15-16.jnb1 row-access-switch1-row17-18.jnb1 UPDATE: Some Self Managed customers are still experiencing issues with connecting to their servers, our network technicians are working to resolve this.


Customers may not be able to reach their websites or email during this period.