Server Unreachable: Internet Solutions routing problem to xneelo

Resolved Date: 29 Mar 2021 17:11 SAST
Notice ID: #1
Start: 29 Mar 2021 13:50 SAST
Issue: Internet Solutions dropped routing towards our supernets. We have escalated the matter to Internet Solutions to investigate.
Attending: Xneelo engineers
Additional Information: Update: (correction) This was not an issue with IS routing but was as a result of a duplicate BGP controller for DDOS mitigation that was brought online by xneelo engineers after software upgrades. The constant flapping of the IP ranges in turn caused the routes to be suppressed on the IS network. The duplicate controller has been disabled and all it’s necessary configuration to avoid the issue from occurring again.”


Customers using Internet Solutions as their ISP is unable to connect to xneelo.